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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Going for a Medal

I had a PT appointment last Friday that ended at 2pm. As soon as it was done, I sat down in the waiting area and cast on the Rainbow Mittens, modified version. I'm doing the fair isle part with black as the primary color, changing the rainbow colors in stripes. I'm on the last color stripe of the cuffs, which are purl bands of the rainbow colors by themselves. Since the black yarn I ordered over a week ago hasn't arrived, I'll go on and cast on the second cuff. Guess I'll send an email to see what happened to the yarn. The worst case scenario is to pick up a skein at Stitches this weekend.

Stitches!! Yay!! I should start packing, since I'm picking Peg up around noon on Thursday and we drive down to Sunnyvale. We're staying in a hotel just a mile from the convention center. Thursday night is the time the Market is open just for students, the only time you can see where you're going. Other times, there are so many people it's like the rush hour on the IRT.

I'm really looking forward to my Bohus class. I've been knitting a swatch from the mitten kit. The yarn is almost as fine as lace weight. They recommend 2mm and 2.5mm needles; that's US0 and between US1 and 2. Of course I started with 2mm. My gauge is around 9.25 st/in. I'm switching to the 2.5mm and I'll see what that does. It seemed a bit too tight on the 2mms. Once I finish the mittens and Sabetta's sweater and, now that I remember, Kent's vest, I want to start on one of the kits.

I find I'm not as into the mittens as I thought. I'm getting distracted by other things and it slows me down. Sabetta has been sick, and, as usual, she wants comforting by her parents. Since there are 3000 miles between us, this gets done by telephone. I'm glad she calls us, but I want to be able to do more than just talk on the phone.


Blogger Ullis said...

Hi Dee!
Sorry to hear Sabetta is sick! I hope she gets better soon! I'm kind'a like that, talks to my mom for looong times when I'm sick or down... It helps if you get a coordless phone with a headset, then you can walk around the house doing what you have to, or just sit and knit :)My mom has a headset at work, and she types while talking to me :)
Have a nice weekend!!

11:35 PM  

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