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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Well, folks, I feel really proud of myself, but in a "how did I *do* that" kind of way. Being a "retired" geologist, I thought it would be cool to joint the Science Knits ring. Since I'm almost totally clueless in the world of blogs, HTML and the like, I just charged ahead. Heck, I don't even know how to post pictures yet, so what's holding me back? I went to the Science Knits join-up page and, among other things, I'm supposed to insert a particular piece of code into my blog. WHAT???? Oh, Lord, now what do I do??

Clearly I'm just going to charge ahead blindly and hope not to run into a ditch. So I poked around and found where the HTML (I think) code is. All you super in-the-know folks out there are probably laughing yourselves silly about now. But it's terra incognita for me. I poked around further and decided I'd found where to insert the code. Tried it. No go. I kept at it. Nothing like stubborn AND ignorant to charge on disregarding all warnings. I found another likely spot. Hey, PRESTO!!! By Jove, I think I got it! Well, almost. You can see the Knitting Scientist thingy on the left, but it doesn't look like the "real" one. THAT one has an image of the DNA scarf as background. Ooops. Still, it's not bad for not knowing what the h*ll I was doing. Anyone out there who can help me, I'm not too proud to accept assistance. Better than letting me blow up the whole web, isn't it?


Blogger Dharia said...

congrats! your ring code works just fine. you did it.

as for the pictures: one easy way is to sign up for a free photo hosting site. I personally like
its very easy to use and writes the code for you. all you have to do is copy and paste into your blog entry.

as for the ScienceKnits button:
I give you permission to copy the link directly from me. (this is called "hotlinking" and is generally frowned upon without the express permission of the image owner.)
so log back into your template and insert this right above your science knits info:
img src=""
(but put < and > before and after the that text)
good luck, and welcome!

7:09 AM  

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