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Friday, January 20, 2006

The Knitting Olympics

Things are wild over at YarnHarlot's blog. My guess of a gazillion knitters participating in the Knitting Olympics seems low. I actually counted the knitters registered and there were 702. Watch out, politicians, Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with!

I've been waffling a bit on my choice of project. The latest seemed to be Rainbow mittens from Lucy Neatby. I've ordered the kit, and all. Now I'm being seduced by Bohus. Sigh. I'm taking the Bohus class at Stitches West. I have the book, Poems in Color. I even own a Bohus sweater (pre-felted by a previous owner and pre-nibbled by previous moths, grrrr, but better than nothing, much better). I'm not Wendy, however, and there's no way I could knit a whole Bohus sweater in 17 days. A tam, however, seems do-able. And there are mittens. To buy another kit or two, or not. Clearly, I've been reading too much of the YarnHarlot and have become rather fickle, myself. My guess is that I will order those 2 kits from the Bohus Museum (thanks for the links, Wendy) and see if they get here in time. I'm assuming that the Rainbow Mittens will arrive, so they can be the fall-back project.


Blogger Ullis said...

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