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Monday, June 19, 2006

Let the Cats Scan Me, Please

This is the last of the KR posts. Next time it'll be in real time.

12 June 06
Well, so that was a CT scan. Personally, I'd prefer to let the cats lie on me and "scan" me in their sleep! But it was nowhere near as bad as the MRI, which makes me way too claustrophobic. This is much more open and I didn't need the xanax. Too bad I didn't know that before we left home. I could have driven myself instead of having Kent drive me there by 8:15 for an 11:00 appointment, so he could get to work. Then he had to pick me up at the end.

The thing that made it hard was that I wound up lying on the "table" for at least 1 1/2 hours. They scanned part of me, then the doctor had to check them out thoroughly. Then rescan part of me, check the results. Wait. Repeat with a contrast solution in an IV, check, etc. My back was getting stiff and sore, but I shouldn't complain. That doctor is a perfectionist, just who I want right now. I want ALL of them to be perfectionists! No "Sloppy" Joes for me, thank you very much!

My daughter asked me how long until they have results. Of course, I hadn't asked. Sigh. I'm so "short sighted" right now. I just focus on the next thing to be done, but I forget about results. Rats. But it won't make the results any slower because I forgot to ask about when.

I'm still feeling "accepting" about it all. After all, they have only a tentative diagnosis and there are questions. I'm not saying that I'll dodge the bullet, but it isn't time to get really excited and ready to fight. That time may come later. I guess this feels like the lull before the storm.


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