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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wait and test some more

Here's the next installment of the diagnosis story.

8 June 06
I saw my neurologist today. He said that he had talked to the oncologist last night. Neither of them are totally convinced about the diagnosis, since the lymphocytes in the blood should be high and they're low. I'm going to get a CT scan to see what's going on with lymph glands. My neurologist wanted to be sure that I went to the best radiologist for this scan, so he asked if I'd change it to another person. I am somewhat sceptical about doctors, but, once I've found a good one, I'm happy. I think so highly of my neurologist; he's always making sure that my health care is the best. He's a treasure.

So there's more waiting and collecting of data. I'm still feeling positive and, whatever it is, I'll deal with it. And it had better get out of my way.

Thanks, too, vi. I'll be more than happy with a 30 year remission and then a pill a day. At that age, who'll even notice one more pill!



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